How to be Happy Throughout the School Year

I know it is quite easy to forget about the positives during the school year, especially if you find the year as challenging as junior year is. I have some tips that helped me stay positive junior year, and some tips to help me get pumped for senior year! I can’t wait for senior year, and I want to make sure this is my most positive year yet! If you have any other tips that help you stay positive, feel free to comment them down below!


1.Stay Inspired!

I think part of staying positive is staying inspired because if you aren’t motivated, you won’t achieve anything. I am always on Pinterest (click here to follow), and I find it so inspiring and motivating! Other ways to stay inspired is to blast your favorite playlist or create a mood board for your room!

2.Stay Organized!

Personally, I find myself doing my best when I have an organized room and desk. When my room is organized, that makes me feel like I have my life together, and I can find things easily. An organized desk is essential to getting all my work done because I just can’t work in a messy environment.

3.Don’t Overthink!

Overthinking is super easy, as I literally overthink everything! Whenever I walk in front of people, I begin to overthink the way I walk or my facial expression (I’m guilty of an RBF, okay). Overthinking things can just easily get you down in the dumps, which is never fun. I know it might be hard at first to stop overthinking, but once you do, you will find yourself under less stress. The less you stress out, the more positive you can be!

4.Surround Yourself with Positivity!

No one likes a negative nancy, so make sure to surround yourself with positive people! You don’t want to constantly be put down by someone or feel like someone always tries to one-up you in situations. If you are in toxic relationships, whether it is just friendships or a significant other, just let them go! Toxic people will only put you down and leave you in your sad boy hours (that’s what I like to call them).

5.Do What You Love!

Do you want to try out for a new sports team? Do you want to take a challenging class? Go for it! Don’t be scared to try new things! Trying new things could leave you to having the best year of your life! Do you see a cute boy/girl and want to shoot your shot? Do it! You can never gain anything if you don’t try. Trying new things could bring a bunch of positive vibes to your life!

6.Journal Your Thoughts!

I love keeping a journal because it gives me a way to express my thoughts. Also, it is fun to go back and read what you were thinking a couple of weeks ago or even a year ago. Journaling also gives you a way to vent because it is never good to always keep all your feelings inside.


If you have a busy week, but you can spare yourself for a couple of hours or even a whole day, make sure to take care of yourself. The easiest way to take care of yourself every day is to make sure you are getting enough sleep! I know in the second semester of my junior year, I was only getting 4-6 hours of sleep every night, and it definitely took a toll on my body over a couple of months. Whether you just need a nap, a trip to the spa, or some retail therapy, it is always important to take care of yourself. It can be so easy to put off self-care during the school year, but it should always be a priority.


Exercising isn’t for everyone, but you never know unless you try! After a workout, I always feel energized, and I feel good about myself because I was working towards improving my health! Whether you are just going on a run around your neighborhood or a local gym, exercise is exercise, so try it one day!

9.Social Media Cleanse!

I’m not saying to completely remove yourself from ALL social media platforms, but too much social media can cause a lot of negativity in your life. For example, if you see your friends post something on their Snapchat story of them all hanging out together and you didn’t get an invite, you’d be pretty upset, right? Maybe you should take a little break from snapchat. I know I get a little down when I scroll through Instagram, and I see all these YouTubers and bloggers my age being so successful and living their best lives. It could just be a day or a whole week, but you should make sure to take a little break from certain social media platforms every now and then!

10.Be Yourself!

You should always strive to be the best version of yourself! You will never be truly happy trying to be someone else when you can simply be yourself. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, you shouldn’t have to change for that person because that is their own problem! Be a leader, not a follower! Take the road less traveled on! Make this year a year to be who you really are!


Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, and you find it helpful throughout the school year! Also, I’m trying to get a new post up every day this week, or every other day! So make sure to follow my social media down below to stay connected with me!




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