Back-to-School Supplies Haul

As hard as it is for me to accept this, my summer is definitely over. Now, I am spending every day prepping for my senior year of high school! I am so excited to be wrapping things up and prepare for college, but it is also bittersweet, as I have known some people for so long. I am terribly sad to leave a lot of my friends, but it’s time to make our last year the best yet!

My school doesn’t give us a list of school supplies in the summer, so I can’t really go shopping for specific items until after the first day of school when we get a syllabus for each class. One of my teachers decided to give us a list of things for the school year, but that is all I had so I couldn’t get much. I got some other basic supplies that I use every year, but that’s about it! Everything I got is from Target, so I definitely recommend going there for back-to-school essentials.


I get a planner every year because I honestly don’t know what I would do without one. It’s an easy way to organize your life and write down all assignments so you don’t forget about anything. This year, most things I bought or will be buying will be black, white, and/or gold just to keep a simple aesthetic.


G2 pens and wite out. Both are very essential to taking notes. I love using gel pens, specifically G2 pens, but I also make quite a lot of mistakes. Something I’ve grown to love is taking colorful notes so studying is more enjoyable!


In English class, using paper flags to mark important events in books we read is really helpful! Also, I use paper flags in my notebook to mark off specific sections or section off things for certain tests. You can never go wrong with highlighters, as it makes it easier to study. Just make sure you don’t highlight everything, but just the main points you need to study.


Do you know how annoying it is when teachers give you a bunch of papers to put in your binder, but they don’t hole punch them for you… Sometimes, just has to be that way, and you have to do it yourself!


Whether you use Quizlet or old-school index cards, they are both effective ways to study! If you use index cards, you know those are quite easy to use, but regular index cards can be too bulky sometimes. Target really came through with cute notecard zip pockets so you don’t have to lose your notecards or take up too much space in your backpack.


I always find a binder essential for the school year, but they are extremely bulky. This year, I opted for a Five Star Flex binder. The one I got holds up to 200 sheets of paper, comes with dividers, and won’t take up that much space! Last year, I had two separate folders, and I used one side in each for a specific class. It was really helpful because I was able to keep everything for that class in one place. An expanding file is always useful for the school year so I can clean out my binder and folders without having to throw all the papers away. It is especially helpful for final exams because I can go back and look at certain papers. The teacher that gave me a list required a multi-subject notebook, so I only have one, but I’m sure I’ll get more for other classes. Running out of paper is never fun so make sure you stock up on some for the year!


Thank you so much for reading! I have a couple of back-to-school posts planned that are beauty and fashion related, so make sure to follow my social media below to know when I post those!




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