Outfits of the Week

Hey guys! I’ve never done a blog post like this before, and I’m super excited to try something new! In the summer, my style typically consists of bumming it out casually in Nike shorts and a T-shirt. Last week, I found myself in really cute outfits, and I decided to share some with you guys! Let me know if you want more blog posts similar to this!




Outfit One:

Dress: Old Navy

I have truly been missing out with Old Navy!! Found a gift card one day with only $13 on it, and I walked out with this dress for only $9! Let me tell you, I love a good sale! This dress is the perfect summer dress, and I really think it was the perfect fit for a day in the sunflower field.



Outfit Two:

Hat: California shop in San Francisco (at Fisherman’s Wharf)

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: SHEIN

I wore this for the Fourth of July, and I felt very patriotic! It was a really simple outfit that ended up looking really cute for pictures! It was very light, which was nice because it is quite hot in Louisiana.



Outfit Three:

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Top: H&M

Shorts: High-waisted shorts from Target

Like I said above, I love a good sale! I got the sunglasses and shorts on sale, and I say they were pretty good investments. I wore this outfit to a simple, casual lunch with some friends.



Outfit Four:

Necklace: Giving Key

Top: I got this a long time ago, but it’s just a simple olive, green front-pocket shirt

Shorts: High-waisted shorts from H&M

In honor of getting a new camera, my friend and I decided to find cute places locally to take pictures. This was a super casual photoshoot, and I also ran out of time to find a super cute outfit.


Thank you so much for reading! I really enjoyed doing this blog post, as it is quite new! I’ve realized that wearing cute outfits in the summer is a rare occurrence for me, but when I do wear cute outfits, I love it! Don’t forget to follow my social medias to keep up with me! They are always linked at the end of each blog post.




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