How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

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Hey guys! I am back with a new blog post! Recently, I have changed my Instagram to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. I have developed a theme, which I have tried in the past, but I just always gave up. My Instagram has a white theme going on, so my backgrounds are usually white. I am pretty proud of this theme, so it would mean a lot if you could check out my Instagram, which is linked at the end of this post!


To start off editing my pictures, I might open them on Lightroom, and do some small editing. Sometimes, my pictures are taken in the evening, when the sun is setting, so there are some small things that need to be fixed. I usually brighten the picture, adjust the sharpness to give it the best quality, and I up the noise reduction so it does not look fuzzy.


On all my pictures, I use the filter A6, and I turn down the exposure depending on the picture.


Lately, I have been getting into the grain effect on my pictures. Here, I just adjust the grain, depending on the picture.


The app Snapseed is a lifesaver for sure. I use this app to whiten the background because there is a brush feature that you can use to darken or brighten a certain area on your picture. This ensures the background is actually white, and not some off-white color.


To make sure my picture matches my feed, I use this app called UNUM, where you can plan your feed. This app is also great for looking at your analytics for your account, and it gives you the breakdown of your followers (you have to pay for this feature). You can also figure out which time is best for you post, which is really helpful so you can maximize how many accounts you reach with a post!


Thank you so much for reading! This post was highly requested, and I was thrilled you guys wanted to know how I edit my pictures! I am trying my best to upload on my blog at least once a week, but just keep in mind I’m balancing junior year and soccer all this month so free time is very limited! Don’t forget to check out my social media, which is linked below!




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