Rainy Day Activities

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Hey guys! I am back here with a new blog post, and I’ve never done a blog post like this before! I am planning to stick to my New Year’s resolution of uploading weekly, so here I am! Even though I haven’t had a rainy day in a while, rainy days can drain your energy, causing you to be unproductive for no reason. Here are some tips to make the most out of your rainy day!


1. Plan your week/month


Planning is really important to me, and I’m obsessed with my bullet journal currently! There is plenty of room to improve my bullet journal, but this is only my second month using it. For this new year, I want to upload as many blog posts as I can, so that means I have to plan out my posts, and see what weekends I can take pictures because of soccer. If you have a rainy day, take time to plan out your week or month, so you will feel relieved and organized.

2. Watch a good movie/TV show on Netflix


Rain always makes me want to cuddle up and watch Netflix. Over Christmas break, I started this show called “The 100,” and I totally recommend it. I use Netflix to watch TV shows most of the time, but if you have any good movies on Netflix, comment some I can watch!

3. Read a Book


I really love to read. Reading always brings me such much joy, and it’s great to get away from a screen every now and then. Because of school and sports, I haven’t much time to read for my own enjoyment, but I always feel like reading on rainy days. So, if you are left with nothing to do and want to chill, find a good book, and sit back and relax. I will be making a blog post soon on books I love, just to give y’all some tips.

4. Treat yourself


I love face masks and bath bombs, and rainy days makes them even more enjoyable. Always remember to take time out of your day and pamper yourself. No matter how busy you are, always remember to love and take care of yourself.

5. Catch up on school/work


I know this is probably the last thing you would want to do, but it would really be beneficial to you in the end! Getting behind on school/work is so easy, and it takes forever to catch up, especially if you have so much on your plate. As a student athlete, my school days are always long, so I take every chance I get in catching up with my homework and studying.


Thank you so much for reading! Rainy days might seem boring to some people, but there are always ways to make the best out of it! I hope y’all have enjoyed the first week of 2018 and continue to make the best out of it! Don’t forget to follow my social media (linked down below).




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