2018 New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2018 is actually here! Just quickly looking over what is to come for 2018, I am going to be entering my last year of high school in the fall, my graduation year is just next year, I will be applying to colleges, I will be getting my first job, and so much more. I can already tell you, this year will be a year where I really grow up, and I face so many challenges, but it will all be worth it! I have put together some things I would like to accomplish this year, and I’m really going to stick through with it! Comment down below some of your New Year’s resolutions to inspire myself and others!


1. To be more positive


Being positive is something that I’m not too good at. When looking at situations, I tend to see things from a negative aspect. This year, I hope to be more optimistic, and to see things from a happier perspective.

2. To read my Bible more


I think building a strong relationship with God is very essential to my life, and I want to keep building my relationship with Him. I want to begin this by reading my bible everyday.

3. To be more confident


You can ask any of my friends, but I totally lack self-confidence. It’s just something I’ve never had, but I hope to develop some this year, and to stop nitpicking at my appearance.

4. To develop time management skills


Junior year is definitely the hardest year in high school, and it is also the most time consuming. Between soccer, track, and studying, it has been quite hard to keep my blog active, but I want to keep it active throughout the year. I hope to be able to balance school and blogging, so I can be successful at both.

5. To read more


I used to read all the time. Ever since I’ve gotten a phone and have been more involved in social media, I have replaced my reading time with screen time, which is not good. I hope to read a book at least once a month, and hopefully read more then one in some months. Reading is something I really enjoy, and I feel like it expands my vocabulary and prepares me better for school.

6. To workout more


I know everyone makes this a resolution, but I really want to stick through with this. I would like to work out outside my sports because I feel like it would increase my stamina. Also, I always feel better after working out because it makes me feel like I did something towards the development of my health.

7. To save and not spend


I am really bad at saving money, like really bad. I think it’s because I don’t have a job currently, so I feel good whenever I can buy stuff on my own, which results in impulse decisions. This year, I am going to save a lot more money then I usually do, instead of spending a lot of it immediately.


Thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad to be starting off the new year with a great and positive blog post! Don’t forget to comment below your New Year’s resolutions to inspire me and others! For more of my life, follow me on any of my social media down below!




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