Black Friday Haul: 2017

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Hey guys! I am back with another haul blog post, but this time, it’s for Black Friday! This was my first time going Black Friday shopping ever, and I have to admit, the deals were not as good as I thought they would be. Also, I was looking more for clothes than electronics, where most of the deals happen to be. 

If you are subscribed to any lifestyle YouTubers, you have probably seen a ton of these hauls in your subscription box because I definitely have. This wasn’t a try on haul, but if you guys prefer try on hauls, just let me know for the future!


Bath and Body Works:


Bath and Body Works is forever coming in clutch. They had a buy 3 get 3 free sale, and I got the goods!

  • “Time to Perfect Your I Love it! Face” candle! This candle smells like men’s cologne, and mandles (a man smelling candle) are the best things that have ever happened to me.
  • “Vanilla Bean Noel” lotion! You can never go wrong with the Vanilla Bean Noel scent around Christmas time.
  • “Vanilla Bean Noel Nice” candle! I love candles, but I’m also running out of space to put candles. Having an option to get these really mini candles is really convenient for me
  • “Aromatherapy Sleep” lotion! I have been obsessing over essential oils lately, and this lotion is the way to go. It has Lavender, Cedarwood, and natural essential oils to help you fall asleep quickly and get a goods night’s rest!
  • “Aromatherapy Focus” roller! I simply cannot focus on anything school related for a really long time, so I’m hoping this helps me! I used it today while I was writing my dreaded research paper for APUSH, and I actually was able to put my phone down and concentrate on my stupid paper.
  • “Pretty as a Peach” body wash! You can never go wrong with Bath and Body Works body wash. You will always come out of the shower smelling fresh as ever

James Avery:


  • “Delicate Heart Knot Ring” I’ve never had a James Avery ring before, and I always think they’re the cutest! I can’t wait to wear this all the time!



  • Black Booties” Having some simple black booties to go with just about every outfit is a must for winter.

Victoria Secret: 


  • “Victoria Secret PJ Set” I don’t know about y’all, but December also means a bunch of PJ themed parties. since I usually sleep in Nike shorts and a t-shirt, I thought it was practical to invest in a PJ set.
  • “Victoria Secret Slippers” These came free when you bought a PJ set, and they are the most comfortable slippers ever.

American Eagle:


  • “Light Blue Sweater” This is just a simple sweater for those days where it might start out cold in the mornings, but heat up towards the afternoon.
  • “Grey Sweater” This is the cutest sweater ever! It has a v-neck, which I think makes it look like you put more effort into the outfit, and it has this really nice detailing on the sleeves!

Altr’d State:


  • “Christmas and Dog socks” Altr’d State was winning with the sales. Everything was either buy one get one free or 50% off. I am obsessed with socks, and I have a whole drawer in my dresser dedicated to all my funky socks.
  • “Cat Shorts” These shorts have been around for quite a while. I see them every time I go there, and I finally got some for free! These are the perfect shorts to lounge around in, and they’re super soft!
  • “Ruffled Fashion Top” These type of shirts usually aren’t my go to, but I can already see myself wearing this with some black jeans and my new black booties I got! Also, this was on sale so it was even better!


Thank you guys so much for reading! I know you have probably seen countless of Black Friday Hauls already, but here is another one! If you have any Christmas/Winter related blog posts requests, just let me know on my social media (linked down below).




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