How to: Take Notes to Study Effectively


I hate tests, and I hate studying for them as well. When I study, my OCD kicks in at full force, and my notes have to be a certain way or I will not be able to study them. Most of the time, my teacher talks so fast in class, that my notes tend to be very disorganized, which results in me not wanting to study them.

I honestly spend more time typing my handwritten notes sometimes than actually reading over them, but it seems like that method actually helps me remember information clearly for tests.


When I start of my notes, I like to write the date so when I go back to study, I can see what we learned on a certain day. Also, I like to write my titles in highlighter so it stands out a lot, but sometimes, I have to write in pen on top of it so I can actually see it.


When I write my notes, I use bullet points, which makes it easy to see what I need to read over. I read somewhere that if you write in blue, it is easier for you to remember, but I only have one blue pen and about ten black pens so I tend to write in black more. For these notes, I wrote the word and its description in blue, and then I wrote the examples in pink.



If I have a very important word, I will box out the word in a different color, like red, and I will highlight the word. Highlighting is very important to me because it makes it easier to see key words and important information.


As you can see here, I highlighted all the vocabulary words that I needed to know for my upcoming unit test.


Post-it flags will become your best friend, especially in high school. I use post-it notes to find stuff easily in my notebook, to differentiate between my outlines, and to annotate my English books. If you don’t use them, I totally recommend that you pick some up! There’s a bunch of different styles for them, so you can pick whichever one you like best!


Thank you so much for reading! I’m sorry my blog has been a little inactive for the past couple of weeks. Due to traveling, and tons of school work, I have barely had time to even open my computer for anything! Now, I will be posting on my blog on Sundays and Wednesdays, so tweet me anything you would like to see on my blog!




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