My First Week of Junior Year: High School Edition


Hey guys! Last week, I started my first week of school, and it was quite hectic! That is why my blog was so dry last week, but I promise to stick to my schedule now! In this blog post, I give you guys a little insight onto my first week, and how I felt transitioning from summer to school! I hope you guys enjoy!


The first day of being an upperclassman had finally arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. Sadly, I only got three hours of sleep, and I had to wake up earlier than usual because it is a tradition to go to a local breakfast shop for the first day of school. I was excited to see all the people I had not seen over the summer, and I was glad to take a few cute pictures. When we arrived at school (transportation was provided by my friend), we received our schedules and we peeked over each other’s shoulders to see if we had any classes together. When I arrived at my first hour, I did not know of the struggles I would face later in the day. My teacher, who was for precalculus, began teaching right away. There was no introduction or syllabus, and he instantly began teaching us parabolas and assigning us problems. When people say junior year is the hardest year, they really mean it. Throughout the day, I was assigned homework in almost every class, and my planner filled up instantly.



I was completely sleep deprived, as I had received about five hours of sleep. Unfortunately, that would be my average of sleep for the rest of the week. I had two quizzes today, and they were based on three books I read over the summer. I was completely overwhelmed and stressed. Also, I was faced with the pressure of having to dress cute, since it was only the first week of school. Precalculus was already kicking my butt, I had essays to write, and homework was already taking me hours to complete. Thankfully, I didn’t have as much homework as I did the night before, but I spent most of my evening trying to understand precalculus.



As previously stated, I averaged five hours of sleep a night. I couldn’t believe it was only the third day of school, but I felt like it was the third month of school! I have never been good at time management, but I quickly learned how to manage my time a little better. I still should improve on that if I plan to stick to my blog schedule that I have made, which I am trying my absolute hardest to do! My third day was exactly like my second day, so I just dragged on through, waiting for the end of the day to come.


Thursday: \

I was so happy that it was Thursday. I was going to see Ed Sheeran the next day, the weekend was near, and that meant I had made it through the first week. Too my dismay, I had a lot of homework this night, so I put off all the packing I had to do, and I even slept in because I was so burnt out. After school, I went to a local coffee shop with some friends to try and complete my homework, but I still couldn’t finish all my homework by the time I needed to go home. Junior year has me so stressed!!



FRIYAY!!!!! I was super rushed this morning because I packed for Dallas in about five minutes, I finished any last-minute homework I had, and I turned in some assignments that were due at night online. I couldn’t wait to get to sixth hour because that was when I was checking out to see the one and only Ed Sheeran. The day dragged on, and I could barely focus in my classes. If you want to read about my Ed Sheeran concert experience, click here! Out of the whole week, this was definitely my favorite day, and the only thing that truly kept me going for the week.


Thank you guys so much for reading! I’ve never done a blog post like this, and I hope you guys enjoyed! If you have started school, let me know how your first day/week went because I would love to know!! Don’t forget to keep up with me on social media (all linked below)!!




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