What’s in My Backpack: Back-to-School

(You can find my backpack here )

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Hey guys! Recently, I switched backpacks (I’m still faithful to The North Face). I got the Recon Backpack, and I’m so excited to use it for the rest of high school! This backpack is black with blue zippers and straps, which matches well with my aesthetic.


I always keep a bottle of water in my backpack because you never know when you’ll have that one teacher that won’t let you get water in the middle of class. I carry a (knock-off) swell water bottle, that keeps water cold all day long. Thankfully, my backpack has two mesh pockets, so I can two bottles of water, instead of having to refill my water at the nasty water fountains.


In the front pocket of my backpack, I keep my lifesaver (my planner). Somehow, I was able to get through freshmen year without a planner. Ever since then, I always have to have a planner for school. It’s not fun keeping up with homework, tests, and quizzes from seven classes.

In the second zipper of my backpack, I keep my pencil case and my calculator. Both of these are necessities for school. You don’t want to be that one kid that forgets their calculator on the day of a big test, or have to ask for a new pen/pencil everyday.



In the main zipper of my backpack, I have two binder, my biology notebook, my summer reading book, and a regular notebook (that will probably be used for precalculus). I’ve always find that having two one-inch binders is a lot easier for me, than having one big binder for everything.


Finally, in the laptop sleeve of my backpack, I keep my laptop and my two folders. I didn’t take my laptop to school everyday last year because it made my backpack a lot heavier, and I didn’t need it in every single class. This year, I feel like I will be needing my laptop a lot more than usual.


Thank you so much for reading! Seeing you guys read my posts and leave comments means the world to me! I love you all so much! Don’t forget to follow my social media down below!




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