How to Organize Your Workspace

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Having an organized workspace really brings my whole room together. A messy desk means a messy environment, which makes it hard to blog, study, etc. I highly suggest clearing your space where you should be doing homework and studying, so you don’t go to study on your bed. Anytime I study on my bed, I easily fall asleep within ten minutes, resulting in complete panic the next morning.




At my desk, I love being able to work on my computer, and still have space to move around. For example, if I am copying notes from my computer into my notebook, I want to be able to have the space to do so.


I have a little desk organizer bin, which is from Target, and that is how I organize my pens, pencils, highlighters, and sharpies. As you can see, I have an abundance of pencils this year, so I shouldn’t be running out of those. These are the necessities I might possibly need while doing homework or projects.


I got this handy thing from Target quite recently, and it has made my desk a lot more organized! I used to have a little bin that I would overflow with papers, and it was just a huge mess overall. Now, I am able to organize my papers/notebooks, and have easy access to them, without making my desk look like a total mess.


Paper clips come in handy a lot more than you think they would. Also, the bottom of my dry erase board has a cork board at the bottom of it, so I like to hang up little memories and things. I’m also thinking about making a photo wall with a giant cork board, so I will need some pins for that! My Echo Dot sits on my desk, so I can easily ask it to play some good music while I work.


In the center of my desk, I keep other things that are necessary for the school year. For example, do you ever have that one teacher that never punches holes in her worksheets, so you can never put them in your binder, and you always lose them? You can easily solve that problem by investing in a hole puncher! Index cards and sticky notes are great for studying, and writing down reminders quickly!



Thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Also, do you guys like the way I am doing my featured pictures now? I think it looks a lot more crisp! Maybe I will do a room tour soon, once I get everything organized and decorated!




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