Back-to-School Supplies Haul

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Hey guys! I know we all hate going back to school, but we all definitely love the shopping part of it! Between getting new pens and notebooks, and just having a fresh start, new school supplies get me pumped  or the new year!

I recently took a trip to Target, and I found the cutest supplies ever! If you ever want the best school supplies, Target is the place to go.

1. Gel Pens

Last year, Paper Mate came out with the best gel pens ever! I still love my G-2 pens, but these Paper Mate pens dry super fast! They write smoothly, and they rarely smear.


2. Pencils

Everyone knows about these pencils. They always write the best, but you never really bought them yourself. You always randomly collected them through the year. This time, I finally decided to go out and buy them.


3. Highlighters

Since everyone and their mother is out back-to-school shopping, they didn’t have the full pack of Sharpie Highlighters with multiple colors. These look pretty nice though because you will actually be able to see when to stop highlighting.


4. Pencil Pouch

I’m that extra person that gets a Kate Spade pencil pouch. I’m sorry.


5. Folders

You don’t want to be that person that has papers shoved at the bottom of their backpack. Go get some folders because they really help you stay organized!


6. Expandable File

Don’t throw your tests away!!! For midterms and finals, teachers usually use questions from previous tests. Stay organized and invest in an expandable file. It really will help when it comes to studying (or cramming) for those exams!


7. Binder Dividers

Everyone always has the same, boring dividers for binders. If you go to Target, you could have some unique ones!


8. Notebook

Five Star notebooks will always be my favorite because they actually last all year! Also, I really like that this one is grey because neutral colors are my favorite!


9. Decomposition Notebooks

You already know you are going to need composition notebooks for those science classes, so might as well get cute, recycled decomposition ones!


10. Sharpies

You never know when you have to write your name on a book, write an assignment on your hand, or label something. Having at least one Sharpie will definitely benefit you!


11. Glue

For my science classes, we usually have to glue so many (unnecessary) things in our notebooks. The amount of times I lost papers because no one had glue, including my teacher, was ridiculous. So, I decided to save myself some trouble this year, and buy my own glue!


12. Wite-Out

For all those mistakes.


13. A binder

You have to keep yourself organized, right? Might as well do it in style. Also, noticed this is the only colorful school supply I have.


14. Paper

You don’t want to be that kid always asking for paper, do you? College ruled paper is the way to go, my friends.



Thank you so much for reading! I start school in a week! I’m super nervous, but super excited at the same time! When do you guys go back to school? Don’t forget to check out my social media down below!




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2 thoughts on “Back-to-School Supplies Haul

  1. Shopping for supplies is one of my favorite parts of the new school year. Those Paper Mate pens are AMAZING! I’m kind of obsessed with them…and pretty much every other office-related thing. Great post! 🙂

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