How I organize my Passion Planner


The inevitable is here…. Back to school season has begun. I know some of you might think it’s too early, but I start school August 14, which is really soon. I haven’t gotten all my school supplies yet because I am currently not in town as this post is going up, but I got one of the essentials already. Having a physical planner is something I can’t do without. I know a lot of people just use the calendars on their phones, but I never found that useful because I couldn’t write any little side notes or truly personalize how I wanted it organized.

Last year, I got an Erin Condren planner, which was super cute and I loved it, but I found it to be a little too bulky, and I didn’t really like the rings. I’ve known about Passion Planners from YouTubers, but I finally saw that one of my friends had purchased one, and I fell in love with it!


Since the Academic Passion Planners start out in August, I really haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet, but I have put down some things that are happening in August. The weekly layout starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, which I really like! The days are divided up by the hour from 6 am to 10:30 pm. The only concern I have is the part where I am suppose to write all my homework because I know teachers show no mercy junior year.


For passion planners, most people usually color code what they have to do, so I decided to participate in that as well. I made this little index card as my ‘key’ to remember which color represents something, and to keep things a little more organized.


The Passion Planner also comes with this little bookmark, so I won’t have to flip through the pages to find which week I am on. I really like the monthly layouts because it gives a lot of space to write things down. On the side, you can write little goals, the places you’re going to go, the people you will see, and things you do not want to do. Below, there is a place for you to write important projects, and anything you want for the month.


At the end of the month, you can reflect on how the month went for you, which I really like because it is always nice to go back and see how you were doing, and if you made any improvements or accomplished your goals.



I really love my Passion Planner, and I can’t wait for school to start so I can actually use it to the best extent!


Thank you so much for reading! I come back home in a couple of days, and I will be getting ready for school, which totally sucks. I might not be able to post as frequently anymore, but I will try my hardest! If you have any back-to-school blog posts requests, just leave them down below!!




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