My Monthly Goals: August

Hey guys! I decided to start this new series, where I share my monthly goals for each month! August is coming up, which means the starting of school and the end of summer. Most of my goals are school inspired, as I am entering my junior year! I hope you guys like this!

1. Get to school on time!

Sadly, I don’t drive to school yet because I am still 15, but I find that I am never ready to leave my house on time. I am always rushing in the morning, which makes me prone to forgetting things, or causes me to be really tired before my day has even begun!

2. Be organized from the start!

Organization is super, super important to me. If I am not organized, I can’t focus. During the school year, my desk is pretty messy from the start, which causes me to do my homework on my bed because I have more room. Of course, I usually end up falling asleep doing my homework, which means I feel super stressed and disorganized in the morning. Keeping all my school papers organized in my binder or folders is also a top priority because it’s never fun getting a bad grade on a paper just because you can’t find it in that huge abyss that you call your backpack.

3. Go to sleep at a reasonable time!

I know that most teachers expect us to only have a life that revolves around school, and give us hours and hours of homework! Most upperclassmen students either have a job, or participate in extracurricular activities that take place after school. I really want to be more focused this year, stop binging so much on Netflix before I do my homework, and get my homework done as soon as I get home.

4. Have a clean room!

I have managed to keep my room clean for about two weeks straight, and that’s an impressive record for me. When I have a messy room, I realize that just adds increased stress, I usually have to hope over multiiple things just to get to my closet.

5. Keep up my blog!

Last year, I went completely ghost on my blog during the school year because I just didn’t think it was too important since no one was ever reading it. That was a huge mistake on my part, as my blog just sat there, collecting dust.

6. Dress cuter for school!

I say this now, but I know it is going to be very hard for me to keep this up! I have soccer as my seventh hour everyday, and changing out of a cute outfit, taking off makeup, and getting out on time is really, really tiring. I aspire to be one of those girls that everyone knows that she has a great style, but having a gym class really cramps my style a bit.

7. Have cute school supplies!

This goal is sort of weird maybe, but I love having cute school supplies! Target, my best friend, is where to go for the cute school supplies. How could you ever resist anything in Target honestly. Also, they have really cute clothes for back to school!

8. Not waiting until the last minute!

We are all guilty of that, don’t even try to lie. A teacher might give us an essay that is due in two weeks, but we like to wait until the day before it is due, which some might say they work better under stress but do you really? When a teacher gives me an assignment that is due in about two weeks, I don’t want to wait, but I want to start it right away. This will result in more free time because the teacher usually won’t assign anything else if you already have a big project!


Thank you so much for reading! This is sort of giving you guys a heads-up that my back-to-school series is about to kick-off!! I go back to school August 14, which is really, really soon! When do you guys go back to school?? Comment down below if you want to :))!




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