What’s in my Makeup Bag: Travel Edition


Traveling…. something I’ve done a lot this summer in a very short period of time. In four weeks, I spent around 5 1/2 days in my own house, and these were spread out. I had adjusted to living out of bags, instead of drawers, and within these weeks, I wore through some bags. Recently, I picked up this adorable, pink, donuts bag from Target. It’s not like the cloth makeup bags I use to have, but it’s a material where it can be easily wiped, and it’s highly durable.

Usually, I don’t do pink, but just look at it! How can you even resist is?!?! The makeup I take as I travel, which is usually light makeup depending on where I am going, all fits within this bag, and I could even put more if I wanted to.

I like to keep my makeup really simple, but I began to branch out a little. Recently, I have started to add highlighter to my routine, even though I am not 100% sure how to make it look good on me.

If you want a full-depth makeup routine, one will becoming soon! I’m thinking about doing one in August, which means it will probably be back-to-school related!! (Too soon for that??)


I decided to keep my makeup brushes in a separate bag (which I got in a gift set from Bath and Body Works) because keeping my brushes and makeup together causes my actual makeup to get extremely dirty. You’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘Why can’t she just wash her brushes?’ Let’s be real, do you find time to wash your brushes when you travel??



Thank you so much for reading! This blog post was on the shorter side, but I hope you guys enjoyed it! I am currently away at a camp, so this post is scheduled, but just reach out to me on social media (linked below), and I will get back to you on anything!!




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