Summer Bucketlist

Summer is the time where great memories are made. No one likes to sit around at home, letting the days go by. If you ever find yourself sitting at home, ignoring all summer reading assignments, here are ten ways to spruce up your summer!


1. Go Hiking

I have only gone hiking once, and I actually really enjoyed it! I went hiking when I went to Younglife camp in Georgia, where there are actually mountains to hike!! Louisiana is so flat, our highest point is considered a hill, so there’s no hiking for me really. If you live in an area you can hike, I recommend going early in the morning, so the heat won’t be too bad.Processed with VSCO with acg preset

2. Go to the Beach

Sadly, I haven’t been to the beach in a really long time. By really long time, I mean I was only one and I lived in Georgia. I aspire to go to the beach with friends before I graduate high school! I think it would really make a great trip for spring break or any random week in summer.


3.Go berry picking

I know there are places near me that are open to picking berries. Whether you are picking berries for a recipe, or just to have a grand, ol’ time with friends, it is an activity that really sets the summer mood.

4. Lie on the ground and look at stars

In most cities, there is too many lights/pollution to see any stars at night. When I went to camp, we were in the mountains so the stars were very visible. Even though it was cloudy almost every night, there was one night where it was so clear and all the stars were out. It was truly breathtaking, and I’ve never seen anything like it. If you live in a rural area, or you know a rural area near you, take the time to grab some friends and have a night under the stars.

5. Have a picnic

Having a picnic with your friends is great because you can take cute pictures, have a good time, and create homemade meals. If you are going to have a picnic, don’t have it at the hottest time of the day. Also, having trees around would be nice for shade!

6. Pick Wildflowers

This might seem like an unusual thing to do, or not allowed in some places, but wildflowers really add a lot to pictures. All over pinterest, I’ve seen wildflowers making more and more of an appearance!

7. Explore your city/town

There is no excuse to not be able to do this. I assure you, there is always something to do where you live. You might have already done it before, but is better than nothing. You can go sight-seeing, have a random photoshoot, and/or go exploring!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset


8. Watch the Sunrise

You might not think it’s worth it to wake up a little earlier to go see the sunrise, but it is! Whether you are going to a taller building to see the sun rise over where you live, or simply walking outside to snap a picture, it’s totally breathtaking. What I’ve noticed about where I live is that we always have the prettiest sunrises/sunsets. From cotton candy skies to lilac clouds, it’s always a beautiful thing to see.


9. Attend a baseball game

Usually, baseball is associated with American traditions and being patriotic. I don’t watch a lot of baseball, as I don’t understand the game. I’ve only been to two high school baseball games, the only college baseball I’ve watched is LSU, and I’ve never seen a professional baseball game (not even on TV). Anyway, we all truly know the reason why I would take an interest in baseball….

10. Have an awesome lake day

In Louisiana, going to the lake frequently in the summer is quite normal. In fact, it’s sort of unusual if you don’t go at some point. Whether you want to chill, go out on the boat, or do some tubing, lake days are always filled with so much joy!


Thank you so much for reading! I hope some of these things give you ideas to do for your summer! Be sure to check out my social media, which is linked below!




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