Songs I am Loving This Summer

Summer, summer, summer. A time where you can relax and have fun. What is summer without great music? I would truly never know because music has always been a part of me. Whether I put on my sentimental, hype, or chill playlist, it all fills me up with joy! These are some songs that I am particularly enjoying this summer.

1. Thunder ~ Imagine Dragons

I truly recommend all their albums…. all solid tens.


2. Malibu ~ Miley Cyrus

Grew up watching Miley on Disney, and to see her changing into who she is now and producing this music is delighting.


3. Believer ~ Imagine Dragons

Oh it’s Imagine Dragons again. Heard this song on the season finale of ‘Riverdale’ and fell in love with it (the show and the song).


4. Despacito Remix ~ Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, ft. Justin Bieber 

If you don’t dance to this song every time it comes on, what are you doing?


5. Slow Hands ~ Niall Horan

Niall has been my #1 since the One Direction days. Of course his new single made it on my playlist.


6. Sign of the Times ~ Harry Styles

Remember when he came out of nowhere and started dropping singles, an album, and tour dates??


7. That’s What I Like ~ Bruno Mars

All of his songs have always been a bop.


8. Riptide ~ Vance Joy

This song is really soothing to me, and I love it.


9. I’m So Sorry ~ Imagine dragons

Recently just re-discovered this song…. I’m telling you, Imagine Dragons is always a 10/10.


10. Stay ~ Zedd (with Alessia Cara)

Heard this song in a movie (Everything Everything) and I fell in love with it (the song and the movie).



Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below some of your favorite songs this summer, so I can build up my summer playlist!! I’m currently at camp right now (I still have my phone), but not my computer :((. All blog posts from now on, including this one, are scheduled. Though I am away, my blog won’t go on ghost mode!!




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