Pinterest Inspired Calligraphy Quotes || Collab w/ Plenteaful


Hey guys! I am surprising you with two blog posts in a day!!! If you follow my blog, you might see another little surprise tomorrow, so make sure to follow and/or subscribe to my mailing list!!

I am doing my first blogging collab ever with Joiya from Plenteaful. Make sure to check out her blog here! It was sooo amazing to be able to work with her! We both picked out quotes from Pinterest, which were related to the term #GirlBoss, for motivation and inspiration. We picked out quotes for each other, and Joiya picked out a quote that said ‘Inhale confidence, exhale doubt’! I had never seen this quote before on Pinterest ever, and I was super excited to work with it!!


For the background, I went with a little pink/purple theme, and I really liked how it turned out!



I really loved how this turned out,and I can’t wait to put it over my desk! Thank you Joiya for collabing with me on this post! Once again, if you haven’t checked out her blog, make sure to do so here!


Thank you so much for reading! Every blog post after this one will be scheduled, as I am leaving today for a 3-week camp that does not allow laptops. I will still have my phone, so if you have any suggestions, just contact me on anything linked down below!




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