Why I Started Blogging


In honor of having my blog for a year, I decided to sit down with you guys and share my real reason for starting this blog. This is all truth, no holding back. Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and get ready for this story.

June 2016:

The summer after my freshman year, I realized how bored I was. I would spend countless hours on YouTube or Netflix, ignoring all my summer reading. This is when I was doing quality pictures on Instagram and Tumblr, I had a “carefree” account on Instagram, and I was living this double life. My family knew of course, but my friends didn’t know about it, and they still don’t to this day. I realized that I had a passion for writing, photography, and beauty/fashion/lifestyle posts. Being a YouTuber is something I’ve always aspired, but I just didn’t the tools or confidence for that yet. I decided to start a blog! I began on wix.com, but changed to WordPress after doing some blog research. I decided that if I wanted my blog to go anywhere, I might as well start out with the premium package (which is pretty good for beginners). I was so excited to start out my blog, and I thought it would immediately succeed. I was sooooo wrong.

July 2016:

A month after starting my blog, and I had already abandoned it. I went to a program for three weeks, where I didn’t have access to my home computer (which was the computer I was using at the time because I didn’t have a laptop). I didn’t plan enough time to schedule enough posts, as I was still new to this. I spent most of my time starting off my blog trying to earn money, instead of focusing on my content. THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!!! I thought I could easily earn money right away, but just as everything else is, it takes time. To this day, I am not even up to the point where I can apply for things like that, which is totally fine with me because now I am focused more on my content and social medias related to this blog. For most of July, this blog was basically inactive, but it picked up a little by the end of the moth.

August 2016:

Back-to-school season was here, giving me the opportunity to post a few blog posts, but school then started. Sophomore required a lot more work than freshman year, and I was more involved with clubs and sports. Throughout the school year, my blog would be deserted. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even post at all for months. During breaks, I would do only one blog post, not putting much effort into it, and then I would just upload it. I wouldn’t promote it on social media or anything. I just expected views to magically fly in. ANOTHER HUGE MISTAKE!! I didn’t really start posting content I was truly proud of until Christmas break.


After my long Christmas break was over, I became more occupied with school, sports, clubs, and other things. Blogging was not a priority. Over breaks, I would try and pick up the blog posts, but then finals, EOCs, and AP exams became a thing. I would spend all my time studying for those, going to sports, or just being lazy, pushing blogging away once again. Summer finally came, and I realized this is really something I want to pursue. If you look at my blog posts from the past month and compare them to what I was posting before, you can see a clear difference. To this day, I am still learning new things to improve my blog, and I am striving to have a blog that I can be super proud of!


I am no expert with blogging yet, as I spend countless of hours on Pinterest and YouTube, trying to gain tips and learn new ways to improve. I have started to actually read blogs more, and I have started to read more than tips. I read actual content now, and I love it! Taking time out of my day to sit down and read through the blogs of teenagers like myself gives me so much satisfaction. It’s something I’ve just started, and I would love to continue (If you have any blog favorites, make sure to link them down below please). I want to set monthly goals for my blog, so I will have something to strive for every month. As I am approaching my junior year of high school, I am a bit nervous, but I am a lot more confident that I will be able to manage school and this blog properly.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little insight of my mind!!




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