DIY Watercolor Quotes


Watercoloring is something that I have happened to pick up this summer, but calligraphy is something I’ve been practicing for a year. I have seen watercolor calligraphy all over Pinterest, but I’ve never been at the level to use watercolor for calligraphy. I found a way to where I can make the watercolor background, though it is not perfect, and use sharpie to write the actual quotes.

This is a cute, little idea that can spruce up the walls in your room, which is what I do.






Water cup

Watercolor paper

Scissors (optional)

1. Decide what quote you want

Pinterest is the best place to find cute quotes about anything!! Click here to find a bunch of quotes that I have saved on Pinterest.


2. Pick three or more colors to combine

During this process, you want to pick colors that are within the same tone. For example, I used cool colors to create the background. You don’t want to mix warm and cool colors because it won’t flow as well.



3. Make sure to use more water than paint so they can blend well together

If you use more paint than water, the colors won’t blend easily. Also, there is a possibility you can use too much water, which is what I happened to do, but it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect.


4. Let dry before using sharpie

Make sure to let the watercolors dry completely before using the sharpie to write your quote. If it isn’t dry, it will ruin your sharpie and the paint. After it is dry, proceed to writing your quote however you please.


5. Add any extra things if you please

I decided to add gold glitter on the thicker lines because the quote I found was in gold, but I didn’t have a gold sharpie. Also, you can never go wrong with glitter :).



Thank you so much for reading! I don’t really post many DIYs on here, but this is just a little hobby of mine that I have picked up recently, and I thought it would be nice to share. Also, I won’t have access to my laptop for three weeks, so I am prepping a lot of blog posts for this month this week. If you have any suggestions just comment below or tweet me!!





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