Fourth of July #OOTD


HAPPY FOURTH TO ALL MY FELLOW AMERICANS!!!! Wooooo America oh yeah!!! This is my second Fourth of July post on this blog so that means I’ve had this blog for over a year!! That’s incredible!!! A whole year OMG!! Thank you to everyone who has decided to stick by and see my blog slowly (but surely) grow!! Can’t wait for the future blog posts to come!



I really love the way this outfit came together!! Even though I am not wearing any red, I feel quite patriotic, especially with the blue denim top. The fringe on the bottom of the top is my favorite for some reason. I’ve never seen a top like it!

Top: Target

Shorts: American Eagle

Bralette: American Eagle

Shoes: Converse


Thank you so much for reading! I’m really glad I’m getting more fashion posts on here, but I need more beauty posts now! If you have any suggestions, just tweet me or comment down below!! Also, I’m going to be away from my laptop for three weeks, so I have to pre-schedule a bunch of blog posts! I will try to get three a week, which means I will have to do twelve blog posts in less than a week. Just want to say, I’m so thankful that I was able to keep this blog going for over a year now, despite the dry patch I went through when school begun! I love you all so much!!!!!! 




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