My First Car!!

*DISCLAIMER: I’m not bragging in anyway, shape, or form. I am super blessed to have this opportunity, and I just wanted to share it with you guys!*



Sooooo, I have some pretty exciting news! I got my first car ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I had no idea this would happen so soon, and I was completely shocked! It’s a 2015 Chevy Cruze and I’m in love with it! After always asking for rides (because I’m the youngest out of my friends), I can finally chauffeur myself around!


Literally the first thing I did was put my Young Life sticker on the back because I love Young Life! (Also, if there is a Young Life near you, you should totally get involved!!)



The ‘Stress Relief’ scent from Bath and Body Works because it smells so good, and I’m basically always stressed. IMG_9498

If you’re looking for a car, I totally recommend a Chevy Cruze! They’re so cute and it’s a great car!!


Thank you for reading! Please remember that I am not bragging in anyway! If you haven’t read my previous blog posts, I am going to not have access to my laptop for three weeks, so I need this week to pre-schedule all my blog posts for the next month! Tweet or comment any suggestions!




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