Sunglasses Collection



It is officially summer!!! Of course, sunglasses are always an essential. but they are most needed in the summer time! Personally, I like to have a variety of sunglasses to choose from, depending on my outfit! Here is my sunglasses collection!


These happen to be my favorite pair of sunglasses because they are reflective and blue. I got them from Target just for $20!!!


There is a store called Earthbound, located in the boardwalk where I live. These glasses were about $12 and have an orange tint to it. Every time I wear these, I feel like it is always fall outside.


These are exactly like the blue, reflective ones, except they are not reflective. I got these from Target as well for $20!


I never wear these because they are squared and I am not a fan of squared sunglasses on me. These are some Ray-Ban sunglasses that were my mom’s but she gave them to me.


Pretty sure these were just $6!! Forever 21 is the place to get nice sunglasses for a really good price!


I got these about four years ago at Urban Outfitters. I remember being obsessed with these for the longest time because it was my first item from UO. These are great for show, but they are so heavy that they always end up giving me a major headache.


I got these in 8th grade or freshmen year, and I thought they were really cool because the rims were clear. Now, I never wear them because they are squared frames.


Cat Eye sunglasses haven’t really been my thing, but I really enjoy these pairs I got from Forever 21!


Thank you so much for reading! As summer has arrived, I hope to improve the quality and quantity of posts on my blog!!




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