Quick and Easy Easter DIYs

Matthew 28:6

He is not here; for He s risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.



If you have found yourself in a stick situation and need some quick and easy Easter decorations, this the is for you! If you want to experience fun, Easter-related activities with the family, this is also for you! Here are some really fun Easter DIYs that I tried and totally fell in love with all three of them!

1. Felt Carrot



So first, this didn’t turn out as perfect as I thought it would, but it is really cute and looks nice in my room.



orange felt

green felt


orange ribbion

hot glue 


Take the orange felt, and cut it in half, so the triangles for the carrot will be similar in size.


Take your green felt, and cut into strips as shown above. As you can see, your strips will not be absolutely perfect, but it is okay.


With the two triangles, I apply hot glue around the edges of one of the triangles. Make sure to leave the top part open, or you won’t be able to continue. When you are finished applying the hot glue, carefully place the pieces together.


Apply hot glue to the top of the green felt, and carefully roll together. If it is not completely straight, that is okay because that part won’t be visible.


Carefully stuff your carrot, and be carefully not to rip the hot glue.


Apply hot glue to the bottom of your green felt, and place in the top of the carrot. Make sure to fit the top of the carrot around the bottom of the green felt. Finally, tie a ribbon around it to bring it all together!

2. Easter Jars


These are really cute if you want to use them to store candy or just to add a little sparkle.



2 Mason Jars

poms poms

googly eyes

construction paper


spray adhesive 

hot glue


To make the ears, draw some ears on a piece of construction paper to your desirable size, and then just simply cut them out.


The rest is pretty self-explanatory, as all you have to do is hot glue on the eyes, ears, tail, and nose!


If you want to add a little sparkle, you can simply spray some adhesive into the jar, add glitter, and shake it up!

3. Easter Bunny Wreath



white boa

Styrofoam flower ring

construction paper


Depending on how big your flower ring is, that determines the amount of boas you will need. Mine was small enough for just one, but I should have had two to make it a bit more fluffier. If you have used all your boas and you can still see the ring, just hot glue down the feathers, as it will hide the ring and still look good! If you want to, you can use a bunny ear headband as the ears, but I went to four stores and all of them were sold out of them. Construction paper makes a really great compromise!



 Thank you so much for reading! These DIYs were a lot of fun! I hope you guys enjoyed them! If you try them out, reach out to me on my social media (down below) so I can see!




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