How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Instagram is a place where people can express their thoughts and ideas through pictures. Every year, there is a new trend on instagram. From white borders, to colored themes, to square pictures, the possibilities are endless.

Now, we live in a time where we are provided with an abundance of editing apps that allow us to get that instagram feed on point! I will show you guys how I edit my instagram pictures!!


This is my instagram if you ever want to check it out ( @ilyyyfo) ! 


These are the editing apps I use. The one I use the most is VSCO because I basically have all the filters on there. Snapseed is really useful if you want to change one specific thing, like the saturation of the background only. Layout is useful when you want to make a two picture collage. I only use Facetune if I want to whiten the background of my pictures.









As the seasons change, so do my filters. For spring, I am using E6, which I’m shocked I’ve never used before because I love it! Depending on the picture, I usually tone down the filter to around 7.5 or 8 because it is usually too harsh. Then, I take the exposure down 1 and up the contrast by 1. If I took the picture on my phone and not my camera, I will usually sharpen the picture just a little bit. Finally, if I want to, I will use Layout, and then I am done!!

I’ve been on and off instagram for about five years now, and it’s funny to see how things have evolved! Don’t forget to check out my social media down below! Thank you for reading!



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