☾ Night Time Skincare Routine ☽

Being a teenager, I face many many problems with my skin. From acne to blackheads, I never know when my skin will act up. I take good care of my skin, as I buy masks, take off my makeup, and watch it 2-3 times a day! I decided to share some of the products I use with you guys! *This is not sponsored*

1.Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes- Night calming


I have always been with Neutrogena, as I have very sensitive skin. I usually use the blue makeup wipes, but one day, I decided to pick up these. These leave my skin feeling softer, and not as oily as the other ones… I love them!!

2.Ulta Foaming Mask


If I am not too tired, I will put on this mask! It really leaves my skin smooth and it clears up all the dirt on my face and leaves my pores refreshed!

3.Clearasil Rapid Action Face Scrub


Some days, I might get those occasional annoying pimples that no one ever wants. I use this every other night to keep them away, and to keep others from appearing.

4.Simple Micellar Cleansing Water


This is such a lifesaver for removing leftover makeup! I use this last to make sure there is absolutely zero makeup on my face!

5.Pore Therapy


I received this from my dermatologist, and this helps my pores sooooo much!! You use it twice a day, morning and night, and you apply it to troubled areas!

6.Aveeno Night Time Moisturizer 


Treating troubled skin can also lead to dried out skin. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination, you should always hydrate your skin!

7.Clearasil Rapid Action Vanishing Treatment Cream


Sometimes, you have a big day ahead of you, which means you might be stressing, which results in the dreadful stress pimples!!! Using this is such a lifesaver!ese

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any skincare questions, just leave them down below!



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