My Goals for 2017!!

Happy New Year!!

2017 is finally here! 2016 is just a thing of the past! I have realized that a lot of different things will happen for me this year. I turn 16, I will no longer be an underclassmen, I will have to think about colleges, and I graduate in two years! Here are some goals I made for this year!


1.To get straight A’s

I’m in all honors and AP this year, and my grades held up pretty well, until the last month of the semester. I got a B in AP this year, and the rest of my classes had A’s. Since I can’t change anything about that B, I will just use it to work harder for the next semester!


2.Make Varsity Soccer

This is sort of far-fetched in a way. I play soccer for high school, but I am on JV. I am trying to improve my skills within the next 7-9 months, so I will be ready for tryouts in October!


3.Eat Healthier

Since, I am always on the road, I find myself stopping at fast food places more than I should, oops!


4.Know what I am doing for college

Even though I am just a sophomore, college has been the talk of this year. From the PSAT to the ACT, it has finally hit me that I have to know what I am doing in a year, I have to search for scholarships, apply, and find time to tour them. Just hearing the world college makes my head spin!IMG_7567.JPG

5.Have some sort of income

As a 15-year-old, there is not many jobs outside of babysitting. Between school and sports, there isn’t much time for babysitting anyway. I hope to maybe find a job over the summer, and one during my junior year.


6.Do well on standardized tests

I am taking the World History AP test in May, the ACT in April, and probably others before I see graduation. This is when they really count, this is what I’ll be sending to colleges for along with my application. Just that thought alone is terrifying!


For the new year, I want to start uploading on Mondays. I don’t know if that will be every week, or every other week. It just depends on the amount of work I have and if I have tournaments on the weekend. Thank you so much for reading!!




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