Back to School: Study Tips

The month of August is upon us. That means the inevitable is here…. BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!!!!

I love back to school season! All the new clothes, new school supplies, back to school videos… those are my favorite!! I just hate the actual part where we have to go back to school after being away for almost three months. Here are some study tips that can help you ease back into the school routine.

1. Stay Hydrated

It won’t be easy for you to study if you are dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water.


2. Use a Planner

I tried to make it through some point of my freshmen year without a planner and that just went downhill. With a planner, you are able to see all your assignments you need to do for the day, see upcoming projects/tests for the month, and know what you are doing for the week.

My Planner:


3. Eliminate Distractions

Let’s be real, no one is going to get any homework done with their phone sitting right next to them. You’ll be tempted to just check one thing, then you’ll be 8 pages deep in Instagram. It always happens. Just turn your phone off or put it in another room (on silent). You will get a lot more work done if you only use your phone during your designated break times.


4. Use a Note Taking System

For me, my notes have to be in a certain way, or I won’t be able to study them. If you aren’t able to study your notes, what good is that for you? Sometimes, my notes from class are too sloppy for me to read, so I go back and rewrite them. That seems really time consuming, but it makes it easier to study, and you will remember the material better.


5. Do Your Hardest Task First

If you wait to do your longest, hardest homework at night, you won’t get it done. You will already be tired, and your brain will be fried. The last thing you want to do it tackle tons of chemistry problems (unless you’re good at them) at 11 pm when you would rather be asleep. Instead, do your hardest subject first and end with your favorite (or least hated) subject.


6. Take Breaks

Every hour or so, you should take at least a 15 minute break. If you work without any breaks, your brain will tire out easily, and it will take you an hour to do something that could have been done in 30 minutes.


7. Use Sticky Notes

Whether you use them to write down your schedule or for little reminders, sticky notes are always the way to go. You can place them everywhere, and write down whatever you need to.


8. Highlight the Important

Don’t be that person that highlights every single thing in your notes. Most likely, you won’t need to know everything in your notes, just the important things. Also, make sure to highlight the things you don’t know so well that you will need to know well.


If you are going back to school, when are you going back?? I start next Monday, August 15, and I am going to be a sophomore in high school woooo!!

Thank you guys for reading this!





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