July Favorites!!

I can’t believe that July is already over!! Summer really flew by! I have decided to share with you guys what I have been loving in July!

1.L’OREAL Voluminous Superstar Mascara

This mascara has become my absolute #1! It really makes those eyelashes pop!

IMG_6832 (2)

2.Song of the month- “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor 

This song is so fun to dance to and always puts me in a good mood :))



These shoes are the best for summer because they are so easy to slide on and match with everything!


4.Book of the month- The Maze Runner

I know I’m pretty late getting into this book, but I am completely in love with it!!


5.L’OREAL Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Statement Nude

This is the perfect nude to match my skin tone and I’m so glad I found a matte nude FINALLY!!!


6. Dip Gel Nails

Instead of getting acrylics, I got dip gel nails that look like acrylics, but do not damage your nails. These make my nails look longer, and I am obsessed with how they turned out.


7. Fun Colorful Bracelets

I got these bracelets from Altar’d State and they have been on my wrists ever since! I love them!


8.YouTuber of the Month- “Fancy Vlogs by Gab”

I love how real and open Gabi is on YouTube. Today, you find a lot of YouTubers trying to be fake, but Gabi is always open with us and she’s not afraid to express herself!!


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!





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