Summer Essentials☼☼


The best time of the year. No school to worry about, sleeping in as much as you want, and going to the pool anytime!!

I decided to share with you guys what I think is a necessity for summer!!!☼☼


1.Comfortable Sandals

This is definitely a must for summer!! If I’m going to a water event, I will wear my chacos since they are waterproof. If I am dressing cute and casual, I will probably wear my Birkenstocks. If I am really going to a dressy event, I will wear my Steve Madden sandals!


2. Polaroid Camera

I love capturing all the fun summer moments! I think having a Polaroid just makes them even cuter!


3. Sunglasses

I think everyone can agree Sunglasses are a must for summer! I finally got some colorful sunglasses this summer from Target and I am so in love with them! My other favorite pair of sunglasses are these black, over-sized ones from Urban Outfitters!


4. High-Waisted Shorts 

I have recently invested in high-waisted shorts and they are sooooo comfortable! I picked these up from Target! I also really love the distressed look a lot!


5. Gum

In the summer, I tend to eat a lot more pizza then I do at different points in the year. I mean, do you really want to be that one with stinky pizza breath????


6. Oil Blotting Sheets

I have naturally oily skin and somehow it just gets ten times worse during the summer.


7. Portable Chargers

Since I’m always on the run and I have more time to be on my phone, my phone nearly dies everyday. I have the Mophie Charging case and a portable charger from American Eagle, and they are lifesavers!!!


8. Summer Playlist

I literally cannot function without music! So of course, I have to make a summer playlist so I can be jamming!


9. Summer Appropriate Makeup

In the summer time, I prefer to use BB Cream instead of foundation because it is a lot lighter on my skin and contains SPF! Also, I wear waterproof mascara a lot more because you never know when you are going to swim! Lip Balm is definitely a necessity because my lips get really dry during the summer, and no one likes cracked lips. 


Thank you so much for reading this and hope your summer is going well!!




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