Urban Decay Vs. Tarte


Urban Decay and Tarte, two well known high-end makeup companies. Usually, I only use Urban Decay for my eyeshadow, but I recently decided to branch out! I bought the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom recently and have currently fallen in love with it. These are both my favorite eyeshadow palettes, but I have noticed some different things about it.

For Urban Decay, The Naked 2 palette is mostly made up of shimmery colors and not too many mattes. It is great for glam looks, but I couldn’t find the right natural look. I went out to purchase The Naked 2 Basics palette so I would be able to combine them to make different looks.

For Tarte, The Tartelette in Bloom is made up of more mattes then shimmery colors. I personally prefer that because I don’t usually do too many glam looks unless I’m going somewhere special. I find that the colors blend together very well and are more pigmented.

Overall, I recommend the Tartelette in Bloom palette because I can create natural and shimmery looks for less. The Tartelette in Bloom costs $45 while both Urban Decay palettes combined are $83. Also, I think the Tarte palette can work with any eye color while Urban Decay palettes are reserved for certain eye colors.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post :). I can’t wait to see this blog grow!





4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Vs. Tarte

  1. I always hear about the Naked 2, though I’ve never really seen it before, but I didn’t realize how many shimmers were in it until now! Shimmers are my fave, but I think mattes are a little more practical! All 3 palettes look quite lovely though!

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